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Jayne Bateman and Nick Cripps

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An initial consultation in Cheddar will last about 90 minutes.  Your health issue can be for a physical symptom like asthma or IBS, or emotional in nature like depression or grief.  The consultation can be for you, your baby or your child – there are no age limits !  


Homeopathy works especially well on babies, children and for children on the autistic spectrum.


What do I need to bring along to a consultation?

There is no need to bring any notes or documentation to a consultation.  But it would be useful to give some thought to these three things:

When did the ailment first start?

What time of day do feel at your best, and at your worst?

Are there any foods which affect you in any way?


Where do I go for my remedy prescription?

After your consultation you will be given a remedy to take.  In many cases this might be posted out to you at no extra charge.


How do I take a remedy?

Try to handle the actual homeopathic pill as little as possible.  Pop it straight into your mouth and let it dissolve under your tongue – this will take about 5 minutes.

For 15 minutes before and after the remedy has dissolved eat or drink nothing.

However, drinking plain water however is fine.

How often do I need to see my Homeopath?


This varies considerably; some patients have monthly visits until their symptoms have significantly improved; other people respond immediately to a homeopathic remedy and need only a single follow-up. However, some are dealing with significant issues in their lives and may initially require weekly support.


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