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Jayne Bateman and Nick Cripps

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ARC Homeopathy is offering help and support for the relentless and debilitating symptoms of ADHD.


"The syndrome ADHD is not just an excuse for a child's uncontrollable behaviour, neither is it a reflection upon an adult's parenting skills."


Although there is no current "cure" for ADHD, homeopathy can help reduce the impact of the symptoms upon an individual.


The four main areas of support are:

    - to help with sleep and reduce nightmares and night terrors

    - to reduce the persistant restlessness, aggitation and tantrums

    - to allow the child/adult to be more comfortable when alone

    - help with concentration and learning opportunites


    Homeopathy is very useful and gentle form of treatment designed to help the individual with emotional, mental and physical symptoms.

Rory Bremner on ADHD


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ADHD - When chaos becomes the norm

"It's like having a brain like a pin-ball machine"

Rory's experience:


         "It's like when everything is going well I know that the ADHA symptoms will jump in and upset everything".


BBC, Horizon: ADHD and Me

        April 2017

Rory Bremner is known as one of Britian's leading political satirists, writers and stand-up comedians.

Facts in the UK: research shows us that 3% of the population have ADHD 5% of children suffer a form of ADHD

and, 30% of all UK prisoners held in custody have ADHD.