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Anorexia and bulimia are both eating disorders, more often suffered by teenagers and younger adult women.  The cause of these disorders is not clear, however there are indications that emotional support for sufferers helps with the recovery process.


At ARC we combine supportive counselling with homeopathic remedies to help unlock some of the "stuck" feelings - sadness or anger, anxiety or panic - that can accompany the disorder.


It's incredibly brave to talk about the chaos and loss of control over your own life that anorexia brings.  Sufferers can experience anxiety and panic in social situations.  There are often deep and significant feelings of guilt.


ARC Homeopathy can support you understand your feelings, how these link to eating then vomiting food, to constant exercise and restlessness.


Anorexia can show itself at any time in life but can often be traced to a stressful period of life, like puberty or exams, or an emotional event like a loss, bereavement or parental divorce.

"Coping with anorexia feels like a life-long struggle"


"Will I have this all my life ?"  

- is a common concern.


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Support for anorexia & bulimia


An experience of anorexia:

"Some days it feels easier just to give in to the disease"

Anorexia & bulimia Care - the age range in women is 16 to 40.  

Dept of Health: Over 1.6 million people in UK are affected by eating disorders.  8% of women in UK have bulimia at some stage in their life.  Recent figures show an increase in male anorexia in UK.

The Anorexia and Bulimia Care website, is a 'must read' for facts and up-to-date information.