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Jayne Bateman and Nick Cripps

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Aspergers is a syndrome - it is not an illness or disease that can be "cured".   Here in the UK it effects men much more than women.


      ARC Homeopathy is offering support and homeopathy to help people cope with the dibilitating symptoms of Aspergers syndrome.


Five main areas of homeopathic support are:


     - coping with loss and grief, and other dibilitating emotional states

     - preventing the cycle of chronic illness, like colds and sinisitus

     - helping with sleep disorders and nightmares

     - allowing them to slowly integrate emotional experiences and help to

               help build relationships

     - overcoming separation anxiety and chronic shyness in new situations


Homeopathy is very useful and gentle form of treatment designed to help the individual with emotional, mental and physical symptoms.

Chris Packham - naturalist


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The National Autistic Society:

"People with Aspergers syndrome see, hear & feel the world differently to other people"

Chris's experience of grief:


         "There might have been people around but they were of no relevance to me whatsoever.  I was totally isolated, I was in a place where there was nothing and there was no one".

Chris Packham is a naturalist and the well-known and well-loved presenter of BBC's 'Spring Watch' and for children 'The Really Wild Show'

Facts the National Autistic Society. About 700,000 of the UK's population suffer from a form of Aspergers/Autism - more than 1% of the population.