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Jayne Bateman and Nick Cripps

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Cerebral Palsy is an umbrella term for a group of disorders - it is a life-long physical disability due to damage of the developing brain.  Mentally it can effect memory and learning ability, and physically fine motor-skills, mobility, coordination and balance.


     ARC Homeopathy is offering support and homeopathy to help people cope with the life-long symptoms of cerebral palsy.


The five main areas of Homeopath help are:


    - failure to thrive and feeding difficulties

    - with "milestones": walking, balance and  co-ordination

    - awareness of others and self-care

    - overcoming chronic shyness, stubborness and fixed routines

    - preventing recuring and chronic symptoms like colds and flu.  One parent commented that, "My daughter gets one cold after another from November through to the spring."


    Homeopathy is very useful and gentle form of treatment designed to help any child with emotional, mental and physical symptoms.


For a free 15 minute chat with Nick,   Cheddar, Somerset


contact him on 07779 069 627  or  email:  [email protected]

Cerebral Palsy: helping to manage life

"Cerebral Palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood."


It is a life-long condition, associated with a chromasome disorder.

Useful contacts:


Cerebral palsy alliance

Facts from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance: it is believed that there are 17 million sufferers of cerebral palsy worldwide.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance