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Prince William has announced, "Let's lose our stiff upper lips".


At ARC we combine grief counselling with homeopathic remedies to help relieve the shock, sadness and sometimes anger which can often get stuck within us during the grieving process.


It's incredibly brave to talk about the 'total chaos' that loss and grief can leave us with: we can experience anxiety, violent outbursts, panic in social situations and a complete denial of any real and deep feelings.


Princess William added, "If you don't acknowledge how you feel it will only bottle up, and could reassert itself later as an illness".


ARC Homeopathy can support you or your child with the grieiving process. Help with sleep, insomnia, night terrors and self-harm.


Grief can show itself at any time in life - often triggered years later by some unexpected event - but it feels just as real as it did years before!

Coping with grief - "It takes courage to openly grieve for someone you love"


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Grief and Emotional Support


Prince Harry's experience of coping with the loss of his mother Diana:


   "My way of dealing with it was to stick my head in the sand".


               Daily Mail, April 17, 2017

Facts: Dept of Health is to tackle rates of depression and anxiety which have soared by 75% in the last 25 years (April 2017).  Research suggests that 1 in 10 children suffer from a mental health disorder. Big increase in children admitted to hospital with self-harm - up 68% in the last ten years.

The Princes's mental health initiative: "Heads Together"



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