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Allergic rhinitis, called hay-fever, is an allergic condition affecting the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and throat, in people who are over-sensitive to pollens and grasses. It often 'runs' in families.


Pollen counts begin to rise in spring-time with tree pollen, peak in summer from grass pollen, and resurge in autumn with weed pollen.


Most common hay-fever symptoms include: facial congestion (sinisitis), stinging and runny eyes and nose, burning and irritated throat, sneezing, itching, redness and irritation of the ears, nose and throat.


Although there is no known cure for hay-fever, homeopathy can support you with remedies to relieve itching, soreness and congestion.  There are no obvious side-effects to using homeopathic remedies.


ARC Homeopathy can support you through your acute 'summer' symptoms, but also long-term, by prescribing remedies which help reduce your general allergic reactions to dust, pollens, cat hair etc.

Hay-fever relief:


"I want to get rid of my hay-fever symptoms - runny eyes and 'scratchy' throat.  But I do not want to feel drowsy from the medication.  I have to drive a great deal most days."


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Hay-fever Relief


Is a common concern of sufferers.

Dept of Health: 13 million people in UK suffer Allergic Rhinitis - known as Hay-fever. It often begins in teenage years & affects boys more than girls.  Orthodox pharmacy treatments include antihistamines and cortiosteroids.

"In the really hot weather drink more water and use wrap-around sunglasses when outside"