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The 'Placebo effect' is a very well known principle - yet, is not always fully understood.  Some important aspects of the 'placebo effect' -


1. Sharing your worry and the emotional experience and reassurance of having your 'hand held'.


2. Seeing that the other person is not over-whelmed by your worry: 'so this is manageable !'


3. Being reassured that: 'you are not alone, other people suffer too !'


4. Hearing the facts: being told that something can be done about it.


5. An explanation: being helped to understand the issue.


6. Calm: reassurance that you aren't over-reacting, foolish or neurotic.


Scaling down the health issue down to it's 'actual size' stops the imagination running away with itself.  It gets the issue into perspective.  Healing can then begin regardless of any actual medicinal prescription being made.

The 'Placebo effect' can be a significant part of any person's recovery


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The 'Placebo effect'

"The comfort & relief that you feel when someone fully understands you can never be underestimated.


The feeling that you are no longer alone with this thing."

"Most people never talk about the emotional apsects of an illness and miss out on the reassurance that empathy can bring."