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Jayne Bateman and Nick Cripps

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ARC Homeopathy is offering counselling and homeopathy to help people cease smoking and boost their chances of long-term success.  Get real support whilst to quit smoking for life.


         Quit and stay "quitted" as part of the National Stop-Smoking Week


Many people wish to stop smoking, and do stop sucessfully for short periods of time.  Then they suddenly 'cave-in' without really knowing why.  


        "I only stop to relax and wind-down from a busy day"  With so many constant daily distractions, we often do not know what actually creates our need to smoke.


          Stay resolved with individual help and support.


ARC is offering help to resolve the stress and tension which often preceeds a relapse. With an attentive person listening and supporting you, it can be possible to experience the real feelings that intrude into our life and divert our attention towards the" comfort and reassurance" of a cigerette.

'I Quit'

It takes courage to quit smoking - for life


For a free 15 minute chat with Nick and Jayne


contact us on 07779 069 627  or  email:  [email protected]

Stop-Smoking Month

'Quiting' is often a team effort


A patient's experience:


         "Although I could phyically stop smoking and on most days I had the will power to resist.  At certain times of the month, or when I was feeling emotional, I simply couldn't resist the "comfort" that smoking gave me."