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Talking things through can really create a difference – a different mood, thought or feeling.  Talking out loud to another person is a very different experience from endlessly 'listening' to our own thoughts.


Often when we relate a painful or difficult episode in our life, we suddenly feel the emotion that was lying dormant within us keeping us 'unknowingly stuck'.  


Emotions that are not shared or expressed at the time, can lead us into a chronic frustrating condition.  People are social creatures - it's important to share strong emotions so that we can empathise with others.


When people suppress strong emotions they end up 'stuck' and simply just don't know how they truely feel.  Their feelings of love or anger become so deeply hidde that their emotional life has become a bit of a desert.


Having an attentive person listening to you, allows us to truly experience our real feelings.  With so many constant daily distractions, being listened to might be a unique event for us.

   It takes courage to share your story 


A patient's experience

         "Although I was hesitant to begin with, sharing the details of my illness and my life was a huge breakthrough for me.  I had to learn to trust my own feelings and my own instincts".


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Talking actually helps