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Jayne Bateman and Nick Cripps

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An initial consultation in Cheddar will last about 90 minutes.  We will enquire about your present day symptoms, these might be physical ailments like IBS, hayfever, eczema or headaches. Or they might be emotional symptoms such as grief and sadness, depression or anger.


In Homeopathy one of the most important questions to ask is, “When did this symptom start?  What else was going on in your life at the time?  What else were you dealing with?”


Often illness or chronic illness can follow a shock or a bereavement, bad news, a change of job or school, a relationship problem or divorce, or simply that, “I got the flu and just never got my energy back”.


A prescribed Homeopathic remedy will cover all the specific and individual symptoms which the person has described.  This will usually begin an improvement of the symptoms, however, a full return to health may take more than one consultation and more than one remedy.


Homeopathic remedies are usually in the form of daily drops or as a small sugar-based pill which dissolves under the tongue.


              What can be treated?


This varies considerably as each person is an individual. Some people want to be free from anxiety, others have a specific physical ailment.  Many parents they are looking for a simple and gentle way of treating their own children's symptoms and behaviour. So please do consider using Homeopathy.


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